What is a Flow Trail?  Google "mtb flow trail" and you'll get the picture!  Basically a flow trail is a single-track downhill trail with large banked turns and modest mounds that allow for some limited jumps.  A flow trail zig-zags down the hill and thus maximizes the use of a limited land space by utilizing the natural contours of a hill to maintain a bike's speed with little if any pedaling. Bike speed can vary but most riders would rarely exceed 10 mph.

Who is behind this effort?  The effort is lead by a leadership team consisting of local mtb enthusiasts who have worked on improving trail access in the Bay Area for years.   

What is the present status of the effort?  We proposed the idea to EBRPD in December 2020.  Since then they have had several departments do a preliminary look at our proposed site.  As a result they moved the trail about 1/2 mile further north to avoid an environmentally sensitive area.  Otherwise staff found no show-stoppers.  Staff then hired a consultant in early 2022 to do an environmental survey of the site primarily to identify possible impacts on the local wildlife and biota.  The study was completed in the fall of 2022 and results published here in early 2023.  EBRPD now has a web site showing the present status of project which can be found here.  

Who would build and maintain the flow trail?  Because the proposed trail would be on EBRPD land, construction and maintenance would be controlled by the EBRPD. We hope that EBRPD would allow the public to help build and maintain the trail under EBRPD oversight much as is done with the trails at Crockett Hills Regional Park.

How can I support this effort?  Sign the petition and get your friends to sign it!  The broader the support we can show for the trail the better the chances the EBRPD will approve it. As things proceed, we'll let you know if we need your voice of support in other ways.  Once EBRPD is proceeding towards construction we will mount a fund-raising campaign to supplement funding we have obtained from an anonymous private donor.


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