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2 Dec. 2021 Status:   We have accumulated about 1900 signatures on our petition.  We will continue to gather signatures for the foreseeable future so if you have not done so, please sign our petition by clicking the "Petition" tab.  Also please pass it along to your friends.  Anyone can sign including students and non-mtb'ers.  These two stakeholders are especially important because they show broad-based support.   Our next critical step is to introduce the flow trail concept to the Board which we will do during the "public comment" period at the Board Meeting on Dec 7, starting at 6 pm.  Well be asking the Board to fund EBRPD staff to initiate a detailed study of the flow trail.  This will be the first time most of the Board has heard about the flow trail.   We know many of you are anxious to help but for now we ask you to avoid making a public comment at that December 7th Board meeting.  We don't want to put that much pressure on the Board until they have