One of the big reasons we want to see the Wildcat Flow trail built is to provide young adults and kids with an exciting activity that requires vigorous exercise and does not involve electronics!  With that in mind, we wanted to give some space to the next generation to provide their thoughts on the flow trail. 


After spending years riding in the East Bay, I can attest to how crucial and impactful a Flow trail would be in our community. Mountain biking has been increasingly growing in popularity, thus creating an unforeseen demand for cyclist accessible trails. For countless years there has been no increased accessibility of trails for cyclists, the creation of a flow trail would finally give cyclists a new trail, therefore alleviating the demand that other trails experience from mountain bikers. With so many youth cycling groups in our region, it is paramount that we give them a safe and fun area to ride in. Flow trails are also fun for all ages and are great for family excursions, so it would provide an exciting place for people to exercise within our local parks. Finally, a flow trail would bring together riders and open up various opportunities for volunteer work so that people are able to get involved in their own community.

 -Axel, member of Berkeley High MTB team


Mountain biking is a significant way for people to get outside 
and indulge in the fresh air that is so rare in our everyday lives. We spend so much time inside that we forget what nature has to offer. Mountain biking draws in bunches of passionate outdoorists who make for an marvelous community. I am drawn to mountain biking because of the community and time spent outdoors. Spending time outdoors helps me find tranquility, from the wildlife we see, to the astonishing conversations. This all brings me joy and is the reason I continue to mountain bike constantly.

-Lucian,  member of Berkeley High MTB Team


As an avid mountain biker who has been riding in the East Bay for years and who has also traveled across the country racing mountain bikes in all sorts of different trail networks, I could not be more supportive of this proposed plan. The East Bay has long been plagued with a lack of fun and engaging trails for mountain bikers to enjoy and this proposed flow trail is a perfect step in the right direction to create an engaging, challenging, and fun network of trails catered specifically for mountain biking. This would create amazing opportunities for community building and volunteer work as well as alleviating trail overcrowding and lack of trail diversity for mountain bikers. With the unprecedented increase in trail use among mountain bikers in the past couple of years, the time could not be better to expand the range of trails EBRPD offers and cater to a large and ever increasing user group. 

-Aiden, member of Berkeley


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