EBRPD has posted the results of the first public meeting here.  The results include the video of the entire 1.5 hr meeting, a copy of the EBRPD presentation, and results of the user survey conducted during the meeting.  Most of the estimated 285 folks who attended the meeting were MTBers although the exact number is unknown because about 30% did not participate in the survey.  Of those who responded the more interesting results are (rounded to the nearest 10%):

  • 70% use the park to exercise.
  • 80% enter the park via bicycle.
  • 90% support the Park District’s efforts to explore single-use trails (less than 2% did not).
  • 80% had no concern about the Wildcat flow trail.  Of those who had concerns, 10% were about the environmental impact and 7% about increased user conflicts.   
During the meeting about 25 participants voiced comments about the flow trail, almost all in support. EBRPD did have to cut-off the comments because of time constraints but there is still time to give comments here.  

The next steps in the journey to build the flow trail is for EBRPD to review the public comments, develop alternatives that mitigate public concerns, and present the resulting  alternatives at a second public meeting late this summer.  After that input, staff will choose a preferred alternative with a list of further studies deemed necessary to satisfy CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act).  They will then seek Board approval to proceed with those studies.  

In short, late summer and early fall will be a critical time period in which we will need another out pouring of support from MTBers.  The first public meeting showed that the flow trail has struck a chord with younger MTBers that will continue to energize us all!


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