EBRPD held their first public meeting on Tuesday April 25 to outline the project concept, summarize progress to date, identify the next steps, and allow the public to voice their thoughts about the project. About 250 logged into the meeting though the actual number of individuals was considerably more because a single login often included multiple people.  The MTB community turned out in huge numbers.. Two EBRPD Board Members also attended.  EBRPD recorded the meeting and took a survey that collected basic information which will be published shortly on their web site here

Most of the public comments were very supportive and highlighted by an articulate and compelling array of teenage riders from the local NICA-NorCal teams.   Another highlight was the civil response offered by MTBers in the chat room.  Our tribe took the high ground - well done!

Norm LaForce, the head of the Sierra Club East Bay Lands committee voiced opposition along with a few others.  LaForce has also submitted objections on behalf of SPRAWLDEF and the Sierra Club (Wildcat Flow Trail) to the EBRPD Board which can be found here and recently published an Op Ed in the East Bay Times which can be found here.  Following their time-tested game plan, they are attempting to label the flow trail as a "downhill speed track", urge EBRPD to look at alternative locations (which of course they will oppose), call for much more intensive environmental and planning studies, claim that the EBRPD is not following an open process,  and maintain that the WFT would impose dire environmental consequences.  We'll be preparing a response to send to the Board  and post a copy on this web site shortly.  

So our pioneering journey has begun in earnest!  Getting to the final destination won't be quick or easy but thus far we have gotten further than any other project of its kind so stay tuned!


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